Women's Self Defense


"Self Defense for Modern Women"

Todays women are independent, aggressive and want good value for time and money spent. They are also in a hurry to learn since they are always on the run trying to balance family, work and what social life they can create.

DeMile Defensive Tactics is a unique accelerated self defense program that was designed by the legendary Bruce Lee and taught by one of his original students, James W. DeMile. The training emphasizes simple, efficient and practical techniques that any woman, regardless of age or size, can use effectively against a much bigger and stronger opponent. The underlying defensive principles rely on natural strength and movement, which makes learning easier. Specialized drills allow a small-framed woman to blend and control the aggressor's energy rather than oppose it. The woman has an option of destroying or subduing the assailant, depending on threat level.

The basic level of instruction is structured so that in a three hour period, any woman can learn the best basic reactions to the most common attacks.