Instructor Programs

Instructor Programs

As an educational teaching organization, the Tao of Wing Chun Do (TWCD) emphasizes learning skills that enhance total personal growth. To accomplish this goal TWCD has created the Wing Chun Do Insructor Training Program that uses a modern martial arts approach for physical development and offers special seminars that present a variety of ways to increase personal control over emotions and individual potentials.

The purpose of the Wing Chun Do Instructors Program is to produce high quality instructors that can present the Wing Chun Do curriculum in a professional manner. The teaching agenda is structured to prepare the instructor for offering a community service, while at the same time running his school as a business.

In the past, to become an instructor, the student had to spend many years of dedicated and hard training. Although this was an excellent way to become a teacher, it was by no means the only way. As in any university, the Professor only reached his tenured position by working his way up the teaching ladder. In the beginning he had just graduated from college and was only a big step ahead of his students. This basic teaching period gave him an opportunity to work closely with his subject so he could develop a deeper and broader understanding and grow to become a master in his field. This same teaching approach applies to our program. The key to being a good teacher is knowing your subject well, not to be a master, but to be able to understand the principles and applications of each technique and communicate them clearly to the student. Although instructors early skills are mainly academic, the longer they teach, the better they become. Given sufficient time and effort they could one day become a master teacher.

In order for the instructors program to be successful, two things must happen. First, the program itself must offer the information and the means for learning so the student can graduate. Second, the student must fulfill all the obligations required to graduate.

The Wing Chun Do Instructors Program is taught in two stages. Each stage acts as a building block to the next level. The first stage covers the introduction to the system as well as the basic hand, feet, body positions and then all the initial punching, kicking and blocking techniques. Basic sensitivity drills, Luk Sao, Chi Sao, Lin Sil Die Dar and basic sparring is added to the training. Also, weapon defensive tactic skills are introduced (gun, knife and club). To make it easier to learn and train, a portion of this level is focused on how to set up a training schedule as well as how to organize a basic program for personal development.

At the second stage the applied skills are presented. The applied principles to the basic positions are taught as well as more aggressive Chi Sao and sparring. Closing and trapping options as well as how to shoot for a takedown and how to counter the shoot. Spring energy control and simple submission and joint locks and escapes are shown. Time is set aside for working with the instructors voice command, verbal skills and leadership qualities. Expanding the techniques for personal development is interwoven throughout the level.

The DeMile Defensive Tactics (DDT) Instructor's Program is an advanced graduate program that is available to certified Wing Chun Do instructors. The DDT specialty program is a short, effective self defense program targeted to non-martial artists, executives, military and law enforcement.

A specialized Women's Self Defense Instructors Program is offered as a specific profession or as part of the adult Wing Chun Do Instructors Program.

A Wing Chun Do Children's Instructor Program is presented as an optional study series. Unlike the adult program, which allows for class and home study, the children's program is learned by participating in the children's classes in order to understand the responsibilities of that age level. The children's program is taught as a defensive program and requires a lot more individual attention than the adult program.

To find out more about becoming an instructor in one of the programs offered by the Tao of Wing Chun Do contact Sijo Demile and request more information.