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One of the most powerful tools we own is the brain. It's potential is fantastic, if we use it. Most people make simple learning complicated. They make learning a lot more complicated than necessary and can quickly reduce their efforts if they just let the brain work like it should.

Being able to focus or channel your thoughts is an important element of learning. Simplify your training by learning how to concentrate.

Fear is a constant companion, to most of us. It follows us throughout the day and even slips into our dreams at night. Now is the time to reduce or eliminate the enemy of happiness and success. Turn the fear that holds you back into a driving energy to reach your potential.

The key to personal success. Ever been intimidated, had feelings of insecurity or felt like you are a passenger on a bus through life? Tired of being the victem? You will be surprised how easy it is to take charge and become your own master.

Bruce Lee felt that power, speed and technique should be separated and each treated as an art. There are 10 basic sources of natural power that we all possess and it is rather simple to tap into all of them.

Use a power you already possess. Gain control over your own life and eliminate the emotional blocks that stop you from achieving your goals. It is simple and permanent; you just need to do it.

A critical element in all our efforts to improve ourself. One of the most important areas to focus our energy. Sleeping well not only recharges our ability to function well during the day, but can be used, during the night, to make changes in all areas of personal concern.

The holy grail of martial arts. Bruce Lee said that if he had to make a choice between power and speed, he would choose speed. Discover 9 sources of speed and how to integrate them for more refined speed skills.

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