Biography of Michael Banaag

Sifu Michael Banaag

Lynnwood, Washington

Sifu Banaag has 13 years experience as a direct student of Sijo James DeMile (founder of Wing Chun Do & DeMile Defensive Tactics, & an Original student of Bruce Lee) and Sibok Ronald Ogi (DeMile's oldest student involved in Wing Chun Do for 33 years, and also a direct high-ranking student of Professor Wally Jay, founder of Small Circle Jujitsu). Sifu Banaag is historically the youngest certified Black Belt, and Certified Instructor that Sijo DeMile & Wing Chun Do has ever had, with 9 years teaching experience. At the age of 19, he inherited the International Training Center Shoreline Branch School from Sijo DeMile upon his retirement and move to Hawaii. He is also a Basics certified instructor in Special Forces Combatives.