Bruce Lee's first generation students
Back row: Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee, Skip Ellsworth, Tak Miyabe
Front row: James Demile, Leroy Garcia, Taky Kimura (1961)

In 1959, James W. DeMile began his martial arts career in Seattle under the direction of the legendary Bruce Lee. As one of Bruce Lee's first generation students, Mr. DeMile had the opportunity of assisting Bruce in developing his unique fighting skills. It was also DeMile's privilege to appear in Bruce's only book, "The Philosophical Art of Self Defense".

Previous to training with Bruce Lee, DeMile was the "Duke" of the Capitol Hill gang in Seattle and an undefeated heavyweight boxer in the Air Force.

One of the foremost authorities on modern Wing Chun, DeMile has adapted Bruce's modification of the ancient art of Wing Chun and created WING CHUN DO, a practical self defense system. For the history and philosophy behind Wing Chun Do, see Way of Wing Chun.

DeMile has published many articles, appeared on TV and in the movies, written four best selling martial arts books, and produced a number of training videos, including "Bruce Lee's One and Three Inch Floating Punch", one of the most devastating strikes in the martial arts.

Sijo DeMile has traveled extensively throughout the world teaching his dynamic self defense concepts and techniques to students, police and the military.

For a more detailed biography, see Biography of James W. DeMile.

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Sijo James DeMile's blog on what's new at the International Headquarters and topics of interest concerning Wing Chun Do, Bruce Lee and personal development.

See James DeMile's article on the health problems associated with chronic stress. He has developed personal development programs that help counteract these effects.

TWCD International Association Bruce Lee's Seattle years

Want to be a part of Wing Chun Do? Join the TWCD International Association. The Association is open to anyone who is interested in Wing Chun Do. Active training is not a requirement but highly suggested.

Interested in being part of the Bruce Lee legacy? We are working on a project to produce a film about Bruce's Seattle years. Watch this short video.

Training Equipment Chi Sao Made Easy

For over 40 years Sijo DeMile has been supplying the public with unique training equipment and instructional publications:

Learn the Science of Bruce Lee's Chi Sao Made Easy.

"Trapping is the art of immobilizing the opponent both defensively and offensively while you maintain the ability to be offensive."

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